Jerry Springer rumored to run for governor in 2018

Jerry Springer at a Hudson Union Society event in January 2011. (provided via Wikimedia Commons)

President Donald Trump was not the first TV-star-turned politician, and apparently he will not be the last.

Jerry Springer, the former mayor of Cincinnati and daytime television host, is being backed by at least six influential Ohio Democrats for a 2018 governor bid, according to Business Insider.

Springer, who earned degrees from Tulane University and Northwestern University, became active in politics after working with several law firms. He held the role of campaign advisor to Robert F. Kennedy. Following Kennedy’s assassination, he accepted a position with a law firm in Cincinnati.

He joined Cincinnati’s city council in 1971, which proved to be a short-lived career when he resigned in 1974 in response to a scandal of hiring a prostitute. Soon after, he was selected by the Cincinnati City Council to serve one year as the mayor in 1977.

He sought the governor’s seat in 1982, unsuccessfully.

Since then, his political career has been at somewhat of a standstill with no notable offices held, though some Democratic leaders say he is well-versed in state issues and could be a good fit for Ohio.

Springer has not yet made a bid, but Democratic leaders told Business Insider he will consider a campaign if it is “needed by the party.”

So far, four other Democrats have tossed their hats in the ring for governor, including former minority leader and Ohio University alumnus Joe Schiavoni.

OU College Democrats President Ashley Fishwick did not have a comment, as the organization does not endorse candidates this early in the race.


Originally published for The Post on June 2, 2017.


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