Ohio University to offer electronic transcripts

Students will be able to request an electronic copy of their transcript through the registrar’s office. (Photo by Patrick Connolly)

Students in need of a last-minute transcript for a scholarship application or job will soon have the opportunity to request an electronic copy.

The registrar’s office is working with a third-party provider to enable Ohio University students and alumni to order and send PDF transcripts. The service is scheduled to become available by the end of Spring Semester, Debra Benton, the university registrar, said.

“This is a great service to our students who need an electronic transcript,” she said in an email. “This will enable students to get transcripts to potential employers or anyone much faster than waiting for a paper transcript to be produced and mailed.”

The cost is anticipated to be $8.35.

Students and alumni will be able to request the PDF version of their transcript online through the university registrar’s website. Students now can request paper transcripts online, in person or via mail or fax.

A paper transcript requires a $6 fee for processing over a span of three business days. A transcript can also be mailed the same business day of the request if the student pays $12 and submits the request by 2 p.m.

“It’s a lot more convenient,” Clay Costner, a freshman studying business, said. “A lot of stuff is online nowadays, and it would be a lot easier to get a PDF version than a hard copy.”

Molly Faragher, a graduate student studying financial economics, said she is excited about the change to online transcript requests. She needed to order her transcripts from universities in Massachusetts and Kansas, and she said it was convenient to do that online.

“It’s huge that I can order a transcript sitting in my room,” she said. “I had transcripts I needed to get from my old schools, and I could get them online over Christmas break, and that was huge because I couldn’t physically go to each university.”

The university is looking forward to providing secure PDF transcripts for students and alumni, Benton said.

“We think this is a great, new addition to the options available to students and alumni,” she said in an email. “We are excited about this new service offering.”



Originally published for The Post on Feb. 20, 2017.


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