Spanish National Honor Society hosts World Cup

Abbey Marshall | Staff Writer

Watch a clip of the final game in the bracket.

Spanish National Honor Society scored some major goals on Wednesday, April 29.

Soccer superstars and amateurs alike gathered on the Corwin Nixon field for the annual SNHS World Cup soccer tournament to support the Cincinnati charity Su Casa.

According to junior SNHS Vice President Juan Tramontin, the 18 teams of four players each braved the fields today for fun and a love of the sport.

“World Cup, hosted by Spanish National Honor Society, is a chance for all members of Mason High School to display their amazing soccer skills,” Tramontin said. “Even if they don’t have that much soccer experience, they can come out and as a team, just enjoy a beautiful day and celebrate the most beautiful in the entire world.”

Senior SNHS President Komal Pordal said that this year’s turnout was one of the best so far. The large diversity of students that participated in the event mirrors the diversity of the real World Cup, especially since each team could choose to represent a different country, according to Pordal.

“This was probably one of the best turnouts I’ve seen,” Pordal said. “This year was the biggest diversity we’ve seen from different organizations and clubs and I think everyone was very excited about it this year’s compared to years past…It’s very similar to the World Cup and the style of people playing, so I like how everyone comes from different organizations and different clubs and different friend groups, yet they all come together.”

The proceeds from the participation fee went to the charity Su Casa, a Hispanic center in Cincinnati that SNHS has worked hand-in-hand with for a while, according to Tramontin.

“All the proceeds that we earned from the World Cup will be donated to the Su Casa Organization,” Tramontin said. “Their mission is to help out Hispanic families in Cincinnati and specifically in providing scholarships and opportunities to Hispanic teenagers who normally wouldn’t be able to afford a better education…(SNHS) aid(s) them by helping with service frequently and many members find new service opportunities through the organization.”

Tramontin said he has high hopes for next year’s World Cup event.

“I want next year’s (World Cup) to be even bigger,” Tramontin said. “This year was obviously amazing with the support we got and all the people that came out, but I want next year to be even bigger and better and we’re obviously learning from our mistakes and shedding light on the positive aspects, so we’re just going to make it even better and keep celebrating the beauty of the World Cup.”

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Originally published on on April 30.


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