Administration shuts down Powder Puff game

PHOTO GALLERY: Powderpuff game
Photo by Matthew Marvar from last year’s Powder Puff game

Abbey Marshall | Staff Writer

The annual Powder Puff football game between junior and senior girls was called off this year due to safety concerns and issues with disrespect.

According to Powder Puff advisor Sheila Nimer, the participating students were not following the rules in place while preparing for the game, making the situation dangerous.

“It was canceled because it was felt that many of the students weren’t listening to staff members,” Nimer said. “After Ms. Bruewer and I brought our concerns to administration, they thought it was in the best interest of safety to cancel the event.”

Strict rules have always been in place, according to student activities director Lorri Fox-Allen. She said the disrespect of these rules was a deciding factor in the cancellation.

“We brought Powder Puff back seven to nine years ago and we put very strict stipulations on adherence to the rules and safety and when it’s blatantly disregarded the way it was, they didn’t really leave us a choice,” Fox-Allen said.

Fox-Allen said students not only were disrespectful of the staff, but also risked their lives by practicing in a lightning storm.

“It’s a shame that we have to cancel because the kids chose to put their lives in jeopardy in the middle of a lightning storm,” Fox-Allen said.

Nimer said that she is upset by the cancellation, but feels it’s necessary.

“It was tough to cancel,” Nimer said. “I was really, really, really upset that it came to this. I was hoping we could change behavior before it came to this point, but unfortunately it didn’t…This is definitely the first time that the behavior was so out of control that we just felt it was dangerous moving forward.”

According to Nimer, she cannot yet make a statement as to the status of next year’s game.

“At this point, I think it’s too early to tell,” Nimer said. “Emotions are very high so I don’t want to make any speculation for next year at this point.”


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