Feeling lucky and expressing gratitude


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The Chronicle staff has a lot to be grateful for.

We have a newspaper and the means to put one out every month without fail, which couldn’t be said for a lot of schools that are currently unable to afford it. We’re lucky because of two individuals in our business department that single-handedly fund our entire publication without any school funding. Ashton Nichols and Emily Culberson are some of the most hardworking people I have ever met. When I don’t see them on the phone calling businesses, they’re laying out ads as the sole provider of the printing costs of our paper. Without them, we’d be just a bunch of people sitting in a classroom with news stories typed up with no one to show it to. The success of The Chronicle is attributed to them.

Not only are we lucky because of an awesome business management team, but we are lucky to be getting this opportunity. According to the Chicago Tribune, many school’s lack of funding is leading to the downfall of the high school newspaper. This means a huge gap in valuable learning opportunities for students. According to the New York Times, working on a student newspaper provides “freedom, respect and trust, and high expectations” that not only assists in producing a print paper, but also carries over into real life. The hands-on experience I’ve gained on The Chronicle staff has helped me learn about the career I want to pursue and in addition, I’ve gained important leadership skills, time management, interviewing and social skills, etc.

Most importantly, I want to express gratitude for the amazing friendships I’ve made through The Chronicle. I’m grateful for:

  •  Madison Krell‘s sassiness and incredible photography talent.
  • Sheila Raghavendran‘s crazy antics paired with her compassionate leadership ability.
  • the radiant presence of Gina Deaton and her fantastic writing.
  • Stich‘s beyond-belief graphic design.
  • the creatively brilliant mind of Jess Sommerville.
  • Eric Miller‘s sports knowledge (since I have none) and his nasty habit of irritating me everyday without fail (especially when he plays “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” on an endless loop).
  • Matt Marvar‘s quirky eating habits (Cheeto’s on a sandwich?), sarcasm, and wonderful friendship.
  • Erin Brush‘s intelligence and her knack to lead.
  • Sonia Rayka‘s consistent happy-go-lucky attitude.
  • Disch‘s nasty tupperware, as well as her humor and compassionate nature.
  • Arnav Damodhar‘s strange resemblance to a dinosaur and willingness to help with anything that needs to be done.
  • Meghan Pottle‘s ray of sunshine.
  • Charlie MacKenzie‘s hilarious jokes (no matter how uncalled for or borderline creepy).
  • Kylie McCalmont‘s motivation and fantastic writing skills.
  • Zane Miller‘s enthusiasm for sports.
  • Kelly Noriega‘s awesome multimedia packages and her beautiful smile.
  • Erin McElhenny‘s supersonic laugh and ability to bring a smile to anyone’s face.
  • Ariel Jones‘ unique personality and candor in all situations.
  • Duncan MacKenzie‘s choice of daily 80s tunes and awesome lead-writing skills.
  • Mr. Conner‘s belief in us and assistance to make us the very best we can be.
  • And once again, to Ashton and Emily for being the two people that make it possible for all of us to create such a wonderful publication.

Be sure to pick up a copy of The Chronicle in first bell tomorrow. It’ll be one of the best yet.


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