NHS Talent Show proves to be continuously successful

Abbey Marshall | Staff Writer

Click to watch snippets of each act.
Video by Abbey Marshall

The auditorium was filled with soulful voices, soft piano tunes, upbeat cultural dances and more on Friday, February 6.

National Honor Society’s 2015 Talent Show gave 18 acts a unique opportunity to showcase their talents to the entire school, according to senior participant Sayali Inamdar.

“I love the talent show,” Inamdar said. “It’s great that NHS puts this on because I think there’s a lot of people out there who aren’t exactly a part of something but have something they want to show the school. I think this is a really great opportunity for people to step out of their comfort zone.”

Inamdar said the talent show was a great way to bond with her winning team, Gajdi Jawani.

“The whole process is just so much fun,” Inamdar said. “It’s a bonding experience more than anything. I was in two acts and I feel like I’ve become closer in this past month with my partners and I’ve been friends with all them for such a long time, but just knowing that we’re doing this all together as a team just makes everything better.”

According to National Honor Society advisor Sheila Nimer, not only does the talent show showcase a wide variety of student ability, but also supports a worthy cause. National Honor Society is an avid supporter of Pasta for Pennies, an organization that raises money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The talent show’s proceeds went to help this organization.

“So far, I think we’ve raised $3,000 from ticket sales from tonight alone,” Nimer said. “It’s a really big campaign and this is just one night out of our three events between the talent show, Nerf wars, and the winter dance that already happened. We’re super excited to continue raising money throughout this entire month and keep on collecting so we’re third in the country again.”

Nimer said that many students and family members in the Mason community are affected by leukemia or lymphoma and that she is hopeful that National Honor Society’s donations will lead to a cure.

“We’ve really embraced this cause because we would love the day we could stop donating to Leukemia and Lymphoma (Society) because there is a cure and we can focus on something else,” Nimer said. “For now, we’re really hopeful to keep donating to Leukemia and Lymphoma (Society) until it’s not needed because there’s a cure.”


Photo by Matthew Marvar


3 thoughts on “NHS Talent Show proves to be continuously successful

  1. What a wonderful way to showcase some very good talent, as well as, tp support a worthy cause. Congratulations to all students who entered, great job by all.

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