OPINION: Apocalypse Preoccupation

Abbey Marshall | Staff Writer

abbey column

Everyone’s so focused on the apocalypse.

A group of doomsday preppers in Kansas established a militia and a complex safehouse, waiting for the zombies to rise. An Arizona man has a plethora of food and weapons set up in his garage, ready to be hitched to his car at a moment’s notice. Bloggers of all sorts have overrun the internet with information on how to survive: where to go, who to band together with, what sort of supplies to pack. It seems as though everyone worldwide is fretting for the end.

It makes sense if you think about it, really. Hollywood forces entertainment like “The Walking Dead” and “Planet of the Apes” upon every American simply to delight them. Though the writers and producers may not have had any intention to send viewers into a panicked craze, they definitely instilled the idea that humans can easily be wiped off the earth by brain-dead zombies or butt-scratching primates. Fans of these sorts of shows and movies want to be like the characters, dressing up and attending all sorts of conventions. They prepare for the apocalypse the way the characters would; some because they think it’s fun to act like the these fictional people, and others because they’re truly afraid of what can happen during the apocalypse after watching these shows.

The fact of the matter is, there are some things that simply won’t happen. Pigs will never sprout wings, Christmas will never fall in the calendar month of July, and despite how much you may want to, you will never forget those horrid middle school fashion choices. The impossible poses as a challenge and an inspiration to the daring few. There’s a sort of excitement that surrounds the word “unlikely”. There will be speculation and criticism awaiting any “impossible” idea (yes, even the apocalypse). So sure, maybe doomsday preppers are wasting their time.

But do you know what, doomsday preppers? I applaud you. You’re doing your part to stay busy and defy the critics. So keep on stuffing your bomb shelter with canned goods and AK-47s because you never know what may happen.


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