Shrieking sensation

KI prepares for the opening of world’s longest inverted rollercoaster

Abbey Marshall | Staff Writer

bansheePhoto contributed by Don Helbig

Roller coaster fanatics will scream for joy on April 18.

The wait for Kings Island’s newest ride, Banshee, has nearly come to an end. The debut of the world’s longest inverted coaster will occur on KI’s Opening Day.

All park guests are guaranteed to be pleased, according to the Kings Island Public Relations Area Manager, Don Helbig.

“The opening of a major new attraction always draws a lot of interest,” Helbig said. “It’s the first ride everyone heads to when the park opens. Even those who won’t ride roller coasters are still intrigued and will head into the section of the park where the new ride is to get a glimpse.”

According to Helbig, thrill seekers will not be disappointed.

“All of the elements are in place for Banshee to not only rank as the best inverted roller coaster but also as one of the best [overall] roller  coasters in the world,” Helbig said. “Everyone can look at the ride and tell that the ride experience on Banshee is going to be incredible.”

Junior Lindsay Watkins has been one of many roller coaster enthusiasts eagerly waiting to ride Banshee.

“Banshee is the world’s longest inverted coaster and it’s got all the G-forces and stuff that all the other coasters don’t have because it’s inverted,” Watkins said. “It’s going to give you that feeling in your gut when you’re falling. It’s just going to be a great coaster.”

For those anticipating the ride like Watkins, the moment of excitement on April 18 will be unforgettable, according to Helbig.

“For roller coaster enthusiasts, the chance to ride a new record- breaking roller coaster like Banshee is like Christmas, New Year’s, and Fourth of July all rolled into one,” Helbig said. “They’re super  excited. They can’t wait to visit the park and experience the ride.”

Even though long lines typically are associated with new ride openings, Helbig said this will not be a problem.

“The lines may look long but don’t be fooled,” Helbig said. “Banshee is a high capacity ride. We’ll be able to accommodate more than 1,600 riders per hour on Banshee. The longest wait time  will be in the morning but by mid- afternoon and the early evening hours, the anticipated wait time will be less than an hour.”

For thrill seekers and observers alike, April 18 will not soon be a day to forget, according to Helbig.

“Everyone remembers their first ride on the Beast,” Helbig said. “This ride will be just as memorable.”


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