Disney enchantment

Disney obsessions transcend childhood fantasy, carry into all ages

Abbey Marshall | Staff Writer

disney princessesPhotos by Abbey Marshall

You never outgrow some habits.

For many teenagers, including senior Autumn Carter, watching Disney movies is a timeless hobby because their good messages never go out of style.

“I like what [Disney movies] bring to kids and how they can help them grow,” Carter said. “I like how more of the modern Disney princesses can just be good role models for young females and kids in general and show them good morals and how to stand up for themselves.”

Everyone has their own Disney counterpart, according to senior Kailey Schneider.

“Every girl when they watch a Disney movie, even boys when they watch Disney movies, finds a character that [they] connect to,” Schneider said. “The first time I saw ‘Tangled’, I sobbed just because I felt such a spiritual connection to Rapunzel.”

Junior Sam Coyle makes the point that the Disney empire doesn’t just pertain to one gender.

“A lot of people think [Disney movies] are just for girls, but they all have great stories,” Coyle said. “A lot of them have action like ‘Tarzan’ and ‘[The] Lion King’. They grab my attention.”

The Disney obsession has no generation gap, according to algebra teacher Kristi Stephens, who enjoys watching the movies with her children.

“Disney is timeless,” Stephens said. “You never outgrow the Disney characters. You never outgrow the fun of Disney, even as teenagers and even as adults.”

According to Schneider, people of all ages love the idealism of Disney movies.

“What I love about Disney movies is that they show a world where people are just happy and love each other,” Schneider said. “Even if that doesn’t happen in the real world, it’s nice to have hope that a fairytale can happen to anyone.”


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