Post Valentine’s Day Apocalypse

It’s been a little over a week since Valentine’s Day.

As the last few boxes of clearance priced chocolates and unwanted pink stuffed animals are slowly removed from the shelves, life is returning to normalcy. I want to congratulate you through surviving the most romantic day of the year.

Everyone is going back to just treating each other… Well, normal. When you go home, you aren’t expecting a dozen roses from your sweetheart or a card gushing with touchy-freely emotions from your loved ones. Why not? Well because that only happens once a year. Doesn’t it seem like there’s a problem with that?

The fact of the matter is that Valentine’s Day has become a holiday of complaining. A girl will complain about what her boyfriend got her, or rather the lack there of. Boys will complain about the sizable holes in their wallets over flowers that will die in a week and chocolates that will be gone in a day. Both genders alike will complain on social media about being single and #foreveralone.

Why has all this complaining been derived from a holiday designed for love? Valentine’s Day is a time to appreciate those who love you. No, I didn’t have a special someone on February 14th. I did, in fact, spend if with close friends and family because that’s what’s important to me. I wasn’t on a tweeting rampage about eating ice cream on “Single’s Awareness Day”, as those previously mentioned complainers are now calling it.

Furthermore, I pose a challenge. As I mentioned earlier, everyone is returning to treating each other normal. The fancy clothes are placed back on the hanger after date night not to be worn again until next year because Heaven forbid you have a romantic evening on any day other than February 14 (heavy sarcasm implied)! What I propose is that we treat each other with the same love and compassion we treat each other with on Valentine’s Day every day. This isn’t just for couples; I’m extending this to friends and family members too. Why should a date on the calendar dictate how we act? As cheesy as it sounds, I think we should treat each day like it’s Valentine’s Day. Everyone is expecting something on Valentine’s Day, but you’ll really make someone much happier with a random act of love on a spontaneous day.

After all, love has been around a lot longer than Valentine’s Day.


2 thoughts on “Post Valentine’s Day Apocalypse

  1. I appreciate your honesty and ability to see through a very “commercialized” day. Receiving and giving love is a daily decision and blessing. Grandma

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