Semesters… They’re coming

Abbey Marshall | Staff Writer
Katie Rojas | Staff Writer

With scheduling wrapping up and the era of semesters looming around the corner, many teachers and students have something to say about the changes coming in each subject.

semestersPhoto art by Gabrielle Stichweh

Semester fast facts

•Prime Time every Wednesday

•No Super Prime Time

•Juniors and seniors who are eligible can still apply for early release and late arrival

•Thirty-minute lunch periods during 5th bell

•Start date: August 14, 2014

•End of first semester: December 19, 2014

•End date: May 27, 2015

•Honors and AP courses carry an add on of .03 per semester

•Class of 2015 and 2016 only: An add on of .045 will be applied for these courses: AP Physics, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP US History, AP Statistics, Honors Wind Symphony, Honors Symphonic Orchestra, Honors Concert Choir

•Graduation requirements:

o Class of 2015: 23 credits

o Class of 2016 and beyond: 22 credits


“If you enroll in AP [Chemistry or Biology], you also have to sign up for AP [Chemistry or Biology] lab. AP labs will not meet every day… [The labs] will be twice a week for sure… All AP Biology and AP Chemistry are moving towards inquiry labs, which are longer [and] more college-like. It’s impossible to get them done in 48 minutes, especially with chemistry; you can’t just stop in the middle of a chemical reaction.”

-Aimee Hansen, AP Chemistry teacher

“For me, [AP science labs are] really obnoxious because I took AP Chemistry this year and on the schedule it looks like you get an advantage if you take it next year. You can use that flex time that they’re giving for the zipper to alternate between AP Biology lab and AP Chemistry lab. They’re obviously not doing it for AP Physics, so for me, it takes up a lot of my bells because you can’t take as many classes.”

-Josh Reddington, junior


“[AP math classes are] going to end up with a little bit less time as far as the in-class stuff is concerned, which will put a little more on the kids to remember their algebra…Statistics is going to become a one semester course…The pre-calculus classes are essentially breaking up and becoming separate semester-long courses…Hopefully it will give the students a little bit more flexibility in terms of trying to fine tune their math experience to what they want to do afterwards.”

-Johnothon Sauer, Honors Pre-Calculus teacher

“[The teachers have] been trying to prepare us, especially for AP Calculus next year…They’ve been giving us skill quizzes and other things to kind of match what is going on in AP Calculus, and also, [skill quizzes are] refreshing us on topics we’ve learned in the past, so that’s going to be helpful. [Next year], it’s going to be more difficult obviously with trying to keep up with [algebra skills] on your own, especially at the beginning of the year when you’re trying to refresh yourself on everything.”

-Sam Hodge, junior


“[AP Composition and Honors English III] are sort of merging…The benefits [of the blended] course are going to be much more in [the students’] favor: getting AP credit and already having AP embedded in an Honors environment…That’ll be spread out over a long period of time and I think that will benefit the kids.”

-Lori Roth, AP Composition teacher


“The Integrated Media Internship class is going to give the kids the ultimate experience as far as being able to use all different types of skill sets and develop that instead of being so isolated in just one area of journalism or one area of technology…The reality is that we can give [the students] a better experience, we can give our community more timely information, and our students can see real-world products that they produce.”

-Craig Murnan, future Integrated Media Internship teacher

“Combining the classes is going to open a lot of opportunities for students next year. I do MBC and if I wanted to branch out more and start working on media more based on the web, I could do that without taking two different classes.”

-Katelyn Emter, junior

The Arts

“Our art classes being a little longer [do] help the kids to think about their projects from one day to the next, while trimesters squeeze that all together quite tightly. AP Art History is a College Board-approved class. Most of the state schools in Ohio provide quite a bit of college credit for good performance in that AP Art History class. Comet Creative Design Studio is an internship experience that allows students to create graphics including advertisements, t-shirt graphics, marketing materials, logos, and other real world graphics for real clients. Anybody who has taken Digital Image Design I and II is eligible for that class.”

-Aaron Roberts, head of Art department

“The guitar class was something that we had three years ago. This year, we’re going to be able to bring it back with the addition of the seven-bell day. It was [a] very popular class at the time. It’s a beginning guitar course, so what it’s meant to do is to introduce people who have no experience with guitar or have limited experience with guitar but would like to learn how to read music and be a little more proficient at guitar.”

-Avious Jackson, Band director

“If you’re going into an art major, you’re going to need to need to know some of this information. I’m considering majoring in architecture and if you know the [art] history, you can incorporate the designs into what you’re working on.”

-Julianne Su, junior


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