‘Tis the season to be hairy

Masculinity on display during ‘No Shave November’

Abbey Marshall | Staff Writer




Fear the beard!

This is the battle cry of the Mason lacrosse team as senior Griffin Zink takes the field. According to Zink, No Shave November provides him the opportunity to showcase his famous beard-growing talents and support a good cause.

“[Growing a beard] is something I’m known for,” Zink said.

“…People get excited about it.”

According to Ana Harrison, Zink’s girlfriend, Zink’s facial hair is a sign of masculinity.

“[Growing a beard is] just the manly thing to do,” Harrison said. “I feel like he thinks he is more masculine [with his beard].”

Zink said he agrees: his beard makes him feel tougher.

“You kind of connect facial hair to being strong and tough and manly so I just thought [growing a beard] made sense,” Zink said.

According to junior Rahul Sandella, facial hair is the rite of passage into maturity.

“When you can finally grow facial hair, you’re transform­ing from boyhood into real manhood,” Sandella said. “[My mom] didn’t like my facial hair because she thought I was growing up and she was sad that I was growing up.”

Another factor that promotes boys to participate in No Shave November is the laziness aspect, according to Sand­ella.

“[I’m participating in No Shave November] because I can be lazy and not shave for a month and no one is going to judge me,” Sandella said.

Zink’s sports superstition also plays a role in the growth of his facial hair, he said.

“I started growing out [my beard] during lacrosse and I felt like I played tougher and a little better when I had it,” Zink said.

No matter what prompts various participants to not shave during November, there is one ultimate motivation they all share: the goal to raise cancer awareness by embracing the hair cancer patients lose during treatment. Senior Enrique Dominguez said he’s hoping that his facial hair will do just that.

“People will ask why I’m [participating in No Shave No­vember] and I can tell them that it’s for cancer awareness,” Dominguez said. “Maybe raising awareness during No Shave November will cause people to join foundations or charities.”

According to Zink, his beard fame and good luck charms aren’t the only exciting part about not shaving. Zink said it gives men a chance to support cancer awareness.

“We have breast cancer awareness,” Zink said. “[However,] it’s not big for guys to wear pink, so [No Shave November] is a way for guys to show support [for cancer] in a different way.”


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