Black Hole blues

Abbey Marshall | Staff Writer


 Photo by Abbey Marshall


Senioritis isn’t the only infectious disease.

The last football game of the season is making seniors sing the Black Hole blues.

Seniors are reminiscing about their time in the student section during football games, tasting the bittersweet goodbye they faced Friday night as they filled the bleachers one final time. One of the Black Hole leaders, Nick Orlando, said he will be one of the sad faces in the crowd.

“I’ve really enjoyed watching the football games and going to the Black Hole,” Orlando said. “[I’m going to miss] half time when everyone is sitting down and you realize how many people are there. I’m usually in the front and when I turn around and look behind me, it’s just kind of cool.”

There will be plenty of things to miss, according to senior Christopher Rice.

“[I’m going to miss] the drumline,” Rice said. “I’ve always thought it pumped up the crowd and kept the game going.”

The drumline isn’t the only element of the game that excites the crowd, according to senior Alexa Janus, the Black Hole has been successful in getting students involved and spirited this year.

“[I’m going to miss] seeing everyone come together as one,” Janus said. “Everybody has been participating [with the themes] a lot more than in the past. It’s been very cool to see everybody participating and having fun.”

Although fun memories have been made, there will be some aspects of the Black Hole Janus said she won’t be missing.

“It also just cost a lot of money and took time and energy,” Janus said. “But I’m definitely going to miss it.”

Even though the football season is ending, basketball is on the horizon for the next Black Hole events, according to Rice.

“I’m usually more into basketball, so I’m looking forward to the Black Hole during basketball season,” Rice said.

According to Orlando, he has gained many skills throughout his time in the Black Hole.

“Organization is important,” Orlando said. “We’re trying to make the Black Hole as good as it can be.”

These sorts of skills can carry on into the rest of his life, according to Rice.

“[I’ve learned] leadership,” Rice said. “When you’re controlling what everyone does [at the football games], it gives you power but you don’t want to overuse that power.”

Janus said that skills are not the only thing she’s acquired throughout her four years in the student section.

“I’ve met so many people through just being at different sporting events,” Janus said. “I see them all the time now and they’ve become really good friends of mine. I don’t think I would’ve had these friendships if it weren’t for [the Black Hole].”

As the seniors bid football season ado with a tear glistening in their eyes, they’ll always remember their time in the Black Hole as a Mason High School student, according to Janus.

“[Leaving the Black Hole] is bittersweet for me because I’ve loved doing so much with it and having fun with it,” Janus said.


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