Water polo teams dominate early regional matches

Abbey Marshall | Staff Writer

water polo

Photo by staff writer Lindsay McCalmou

Mason water polo members trumped the regional matches Friday afternoon.

The girls’ team finished with a score of 12-0 against AMDG. The boys’ team won 16-13 against the Milford Eagles, earning both of them a place in tonight’s later games.

The girls’ win was a shutout, according to senior Alyssa Sinchek, but the real competition will be the team they face later tonight. Princeton will be playing Sycamore to determine who faces Mason, but Coach Mark Sullivan and Sinchek agree that they will most likely be playing against Sycamore.

“[Sycamore is] one of our toughest opponents, so it’s going to be a pretty tough game, but we’re hoping to win,” Sinchek said.

Although the game may be tough, Mason players may slightly have the upper hand, according to senior Leah Marshall.

“Hopefully [the game is] in our favor,” Marshall said. “Our team is overall stronger. We have more good players and they only have a few good players, but we’re pretty evenly matched, so it’s going to be a good game.”

According to Sullivan, the girls are determined to win.

“I’m hoping we’re going to win. I’m thinking we should; the girls are pretty fired up about it,” Sullivan said.

The boys are also moving on, thanks to a miraculous recovery, according to Sullivan.

“[The boys had] a big comeback,” Sullivan said. “We were down about 8-3 in the second quarter, but it was good to see the guys come back. Hopefully we can play a better game tonight because I think we played a little off in this game.”

Senior Cesar Carrillo said he agrees that improvements could be made for tonight’s match against Upper Arlington.

“I think we played well, but the first half was a little rough. We could improve,” Carrillo said. “We are ready for it; we just have to be smart and not lose the ball as easily. They’re a fast team.”

Tonight’s game is the determiner of if the team makes the state competition. According to Sullivan, no matter what predictions may be made about tonight, it all comes down to what happens in the water.

“You never know,” Sullivan said. “Once that ball gets into play, you never know how it’s going to go. I’m looking forward to it.”


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