The Purge? The Hunger Games?

There’s been a lot of talk about the government shut-down.

Glancing on twitter, I see things like “government shut down aka the Purge” and “the Hunger Games are upon us!” and even “so does mean I don’t have to go to school?”.

In my opinion, people are taking this topic too lightly. They can’t just shut down the government! I had thought to myself when the story popped up on CNN. It was unheard of to me–This hadn’t happened since 1975, years before my parents even met. All government services were void except for postal service and military until this whole argument blows over. That’s a huge deal, however, people can’t seem to grasp the enormity of it all. National parks have been shut down–ironically including Yosemite (the 123rd anniversary was yesterday: the day the government closed the park).

It’s incredibly inconvenient for travelers. On a personal level, my parents were planning to take a trip to Tennessee next weekend and hike across the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. It’s their absolute favorite thing to do–I don’t think I’ve ever seen my parents more at ease than when they’re sitting by a serene river. But now, thanks for our always-bickering government, their long-awaited trip may be cancelled.

Not only are parks closed, but museums as well and national monuments. People are infuriated: even old, wheel-chair bound, WWII veterans. In Washington D.C., all memorials were closed, but that didn’t stop the veterans from breaking through the barricades surrounding the World War II memorial and entering. The elderly veterans came all the way from Alabama to visit the memorial and weren’t going to be stopped by the government shut down. To read more, click here

Now, I’m not saying we should go as far as these men did and deliberately break into a memorial or national park (although if you ask me, that’s pretty awesome, especially for some elderly men in wheelchairs), but we should take interest. The longer the government shut down lasts, the worse things are going to get. We need to show the government that we have our rights and that our tax dollars need to be used for the exact federal programs they shut down. We’re paying for the maintenance of national parks and museums, so why can’t we enjoy them? We need to take action and not take the matter so lightly.

The fact that grown men are inhibiting federal operations over Obamacare actually sickens me. We all want what’s best for the country, why can’t we all just compromise and figure something out together instead of causing millions of Americans inconvenience and misery?

Remember, by the people, FOR the people.


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2 thoughts on “The Purge? The Hunger Games?

  1. It is sad and frightening when politicians elected to represent the people choose personal political gain over working together for the good of their constituents. MANY people have been affected by their actions..History shows the devastating effects of those choices. Jeanne Marshall

  2. Having worked in the medical field, I’ve seen people who have to do without important medical care, not just for colds, but for cancer, etc since they don’t have insurance. For the few Republicans who shutdown the US govrnmt becuz they dont’ want Obamacare is so selfish as they don’t offer anything to replace it. I feel strongly that as long as they shut down the govrnmt they should not be paid. It’s pure politics of Republicans against Democrats; they aren’t working for their constituents but for notoriety; personally I hope they ‘die on their swords’ (figuratively speaking) in the next election. What has happened to our govrnmt that a few can disrupt the lives of its citizens; cause thousands to be furloughed & lose income; close all the services & obstruct needed healthcare, for their own political gain? What has happened to the voters who remain complacent in the light of this injustice? People have to wake up & vote. The original founders of this country never intended for congress to be a career but rather that trustworthy people would serve their terms & then go back to private industry be it farming, or whatever. There are way too many ‘career politicians’ who need to be removed & give some fresh perspective to newer, ‘saner, congressional people. Enough of me on my soapbox. Once again, Abbey, you have put a fine thought to words & I hope they enlighten all who read your post. Aunt Susie

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