Frivolous Fear Factor


Think of the most outrageous thing that could happen to a person–something that could never possibly happen to a human being. Chances are, I’m probably afraid of it.

I have the most irrational fears that no other living soul can possibly comprehend. Sure, I’m mortified of spiders and snakes, but I’m also terrified of things people would never think would frighten fifteen-year-old girl.

For example, Disney World, the happiest place is supposed to make people smile, not cringe. Don’t get me wrong, I’m the biggest Disney fantastic you’ll ever meet, but some things there give me the creeps.

On a boat cruise in Disney World, the famous words, “it’s a small world after all” echoes through the ride. Animatronics cheerily hum the tune, but to me, I find it chilling. What would happen if the ride were to stop? Not only would the obnoxious song get entrapped in my brain, but would the dolls turn on me? I don’t watch horror movies, but I’ve seen enough commercials to know how that ends.

Another Disney World related fear regards the giant Epcot ball situated in the center of one of the parks. You’ve seen it; the huge globe that looks like a golf ball. I can’t shake the feeling that it will roll off the stands it’s built on, crush me to death, and kill everyone in Orlando because there’s no stopping a giant sphere on the loose.

Among other things, I keep my childhood Furby tucked in the very back of my closet after learning about the horror movie “The Gremlins”. At a drive-in movie with my friend, Gina, I closed my eyes, plugged my ears and hummed loudly to block out the sights and sounds of Paranormal Activity trailer as she chuckled. When I swim in a pool, I feel like a shark will come up and bit off my legs. Irrational, I know.

Before you start judging me–if you haven’t already–I know that none of this is possible. I realize that in order for these things to occur, every scientific fact would have to be proven wrong. But somehow, little things such as these send shivers up my spine. I can’t explain it.

You could call me a scaredy cat, but you never know, I might be afraid of cats, too.


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