A finger reserved for marriage


True love waits.

3 simple words engraved on a silver band coiled around the ring on my left hand. A lot of people ask me what my ring means and why it’s placed where a wedding band is supposed to be. “You’re not married?” they almost half question with a raised eyebrow.

Just to clarify, no, I am not married. But the placement of my ring is very purposeful. That finger holds a symbol for the world to see: a purity ring.

What does it mean to be pure? If I were to define “purity”, it means that I will remain a virgin until I am joined in a union of marriage. But to me, it means so much more than that. It depicts the respect I have for myself and the man I will someday marry. It depicts my commitment to the God I worship. It depicts that no matter what, I will not be swayed by this world.

It’s kind of odd to me that not enough people recognize what a purity ring is when they see it. There are even people who do that scoff at me and think that I’m old-fashioned; I don’t judge those who disagree with me, because really, who am I to judge? I realize that people have a difference of opinion. But when I see shows on television like “16 and Pregnant”, I sigh to myself and lose a little more hope in this world. The media likes to twist around morals and desensitize us to things that we shouldn’t even be considering at this age. If the shows that are on TV today were aired fifty years ago, they would’ve been banned and the public would be shocked and outraged. However, in today’s day and age, no one seems to pay it much attention, and that deeply saddens me.

Call me old-fashioned, but I believe in the idea of true love. I believe in that butterflies-in-the-stomach, heart-fluttering, dreamy-eyed romance that we see in the movies. I believe that out there is my perfect other half and I won’t settle for anyone less. I will not make myself impure for what the world views today as “pleasure” and “typical couple behavior” because I believe in real love and commitment.

The summer before high school, when I placed the ring on my finger, I was well aware of what was to come ahead. I knew that everyone wouldn’t agree with me and think of me as a Bible-thumping, old-fashioned Jesus freak. And that doesn’t bother me, because I know in the long run that it’ll pay off. Someday, I’ll meet someone who understands and respects me the way I respect myself and I’ll be the happiest girl on earth.

So my purity ring with the words, “true love waits” will peacefully rest on my finger until true love has waited long enough and is replaced with a wedding ring.


14 thoughts on “A finger reserved for marriage

  1. Abbey – you are really someone who God has created for great things! I am proud to be your grandpa. You are wise beyond your years. To not let the world’s values affect you takes someone very special, Someone who knows what Jesus does for us. Love Grandpa John

  2. Abbey- I am so proud of you and your beliefs. I have always felt that you believed what you believed and would not be influenced by others. You are a gift from God that I thank Him everyday for allowing me to be your Earthly father. God is smiling right now at a young woman that is following Him.

  3. How refreshing to learn of a young woman who has so much respect for herself and her faith. In this current culture I would call you “new” fashioned and hope that others will follow your example. Stay strong and keep the faith, Abbey.

  4. Abbey- I am so very proud of you! You are beautiful inside and out. Someday you will meet the man God has planned for you, and you both will be so blessed by your strong beliefs and faith. You are an inspiration and great example for other teens. I love you!


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