A big number, right? About 700 shy of the student population at Mason High School. Do you know 2,753 people by name? No. Do you know 2,753 people’s stories? No. And you never will.

Today is a day of remembrance and respect for the 2,753 victims in the 9/11 attack.

2,753 victims. 2,753 sons and daughters. 2,753 mothers and fathers. 2,753 coworkers. 2,753 spouses. The number seems almost unimaginable.

But maybe we should stop thinking about the numbers and visualize the faces that were probably sobbing in their last moments while frantically dialing the number of their loved ones to hear their voice one final time before they either leapt to their death or burned alive. I can’t imagine what it would be like clinging to the phone as I held it to my ear as my father’s panicked voice screamed goodbye to me over the loud workplace engulfed in flames. No family member should ever have to go through that.

They certainly won’t forget, but what about the rest of us? Will we remember the 2,753 victims?

Today we got released from school at 12:15. Frankly, I think the students at my school were more focused on that than remembering this dreadful day 12 years ago. If we can’t remember a horrifying event like this, how are we honoring the families of the victims and the 2,753 stripped of life? 12 years is a short time after all, and as soon as we forget about the terrorist attacks of 9/11, we’ll start forgetting about the Holocaust, the world wars, and so on.

A friend of mine told me today that his school didn’t even offer a moment of silence for the students to reflect on this awful occurrence. The school carried on with it’s normal activities like a typical day. Do you think that the children or spouses of the 2,753 victims carry on with normal everyday activities the way they did before September 11? I guarantee not.

All I have to say is imagine yourself in the position of the 2,753 families broken because of 19 terrorists.

For more statistics about the people who lost their lives in 9/11 visit: Numbers of 9/11


3 thoughts on “2,753

  1. Abbey – your article on 9-11 touched me deeply. No matter if only one life is lost because of terrorism, hate, or misguided beliefs, it is to much. All life is precious.

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