Under pressure: cross country invitational pushes runners to potential

Abbey Marshall | Staff Writer

IMG_4181Runners compete at Saturday’s cross country invitational.

Racing against over 130 teams and 3,800 runners, the Mason Cross Country team faced high competition Saturday at the Mason Invitational.

Varsity runner Nick Grismer said that competition was tough because they were running against top-ranked schools.

“There’s definitely a lot of competition,” Grismer said. “A lot of these schools are second, third, and fourth in Kentucky and a lot of them are great schools in Ohio.”

Boys’ coach Tom Rapp said that despite the competition, Grismer was able to pull through and win the varsity boys’ race.

“There are a lot of bodies out there,” Rapp said. “You’ve got to get out there and make your moves and find your spot. It is a challenge but that’s part of the challenge of cross country.”

There were many obstacles facing the runners at the invitation, including a difficult course, injuries, and pressure to do the very best, according to Rapp.

“[The runners] put pressure on themselves, but they work so hard and they want so badly to win,” Rapp said. “They really want to win this meet.”

Girls’ coach Chip Dobson said that runners need to race as if it wasn’t their home meet and try their best.

“The biggest obstacle was to put the hoopla of the Mason Invitational extravaganza behind them and race like they always do,” Dobson said.

Despite all the obstacles the runners faced, the Comets finished every race strong, according to Grismer.

“We’re just so blessed we have such a great team where we push each other and we have tons of depth,” Grismer said, “because we’re Mason and that’s who we are.”

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