Driving me crazy

As of right now, I’ve been sitting in the front lobby of the school for an hour: sixty minutes of awkward silence between strangers as they do homework and wait with frustration.


Because while all my friends are excitedly counting down the days until they get their driver’s licenses and are cruising around town in their parents’ car (with a licensed driver of course), I’m still frozen at the age 14, condemned to being the kid who always asks her friends for rides. I’m a matter of weeks away from turning 15, a 7 month journey away from my greatly anticipated temporary permit, and over an excruciatingly long year until being granted with a license.

I’ve been trapped in the era of attending after-school activities but having to wait an eternity for my parents to get off work and pick me up for far too long. I’m an inconvenience in a way, texting my parents with a mid-day crisis of having to meet with a teacher or an impromptu Student Government meeting that I need to attend after school. Life would be easier if I could just sit calmly at a meeting, completely focused on the task at hand rather than be racking my brain of the possible ways I could find a ride home. I can only fantasize about the feeling of the smooth leather of the steering wheel beneath my fingertips as I pull out of the school parking lot and begin the descent home with a sense of freedom whirling within me.

But for now, I’ll just wait here on this stiff red couch for my dad to drive me home.


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