Dream On!

We live in a world of dreamers.

Everyone has an outlandish, crazy goal swimming through their brains. There’s not a person in this world who can’t deny the fact that they’ve dreamed of being famous every now and again. Whether it’s an aspiration to prance around on stage and sing to thousands of adoring fans, watch yourself on the big screen, or see your name on the front cover of a New York Times bestseller: we all want to achieve something of great importance.

I remember in the era of Tamagotchis and Crocs, I would turn up the volume on my radio to nearly burst my small eardrums and hold a hairbrush to my mouth and whistle out through the gap of my missing two front teeth Hannah Montana’s “Best of Both Worlds”, dreaming of becoming the next big pop star. Even today, I gawk at Taylor Swift with a wide-eyed gaze and curiously ask myself what it would be like to be so successful and have thousands of fans dedicate their evening to scream out their lungs for me. I can’t even come close to imagine what it would be like to have a novel published for all the world to see. I wonder what the smile on my face would look like if something I’ve worked so hard for finally paid off. I wonder what it feels like to have everyone know my name. I wonder what’s stopping me from accomplishing my life goals.

Doubt and skepticism likes to slip in my mind and quash those dreams. People aren’t afraid to stomp on your aspirations and ridicule you. Walking down the streets of Nashville, you can listen to at least twenty different voices floating from a bar and down the road, each one praying that they’ll prove their skeptics wrong and sign a recording contract. Taking a stroll down Sunset Boulevard, you can practically hear the voices of the cynics telling hopeful up-and-coming actors that they’re never going to make it. But I’m sure Brad Pitt once had pessimists dissect his goals. I’m positive that Madonna had once been told by many that the chances of accomplishing her dream was one in a million. But just look where these people are today. The only thing that’s keeping me from doing what I love is the fear of proving those people right.

Don’t let them have that satisfaction.

Dreams are an important asset for everyone to have, no matter the age. It doesn’t matter if they’re big, like discovering the cure for cancer, or small, like having the courage to audition for the next school play. Dreams give you hope and the motivation to make something out of your life.

So, in the words of Aerosmith, “Dream on!”


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